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→The AMP Vol I
· Who all gets to have their music on the…
The Pit02-12-2010 · 12:31 PM
· ok
Lyrics Review08-15-2009 · 09:58 PM
· I can't figure out the message system on…
Lyrics Review08-15-2009 · 09:52 PM
· I have alot of things I want to say if…
Lyrics Review08-15-2009 · 09:15 PM
→As I Grow
· I'm glad you like it
Audio Review06-08-2009 · 01:07 PM
→As I Grow
· Thats ok at least you rated it
Audio Review06-07-2009 · 11:57 PM
→Stricking Down
· we've been playing together for about a…
Audio Review06-06-2009 · 11:54 AM
→As I Grow
· Ok as soon as I get off of work tonight I…
Audio Review06-05-2009 · 03:16 PM
→As I Grow
· This song was recorded at our second time…
Audio Review06-03-2009 · 11:27 PM
→As I Grow
· yeah this is actually I'll keep that in…
Audio Review05-29-2009 · 01:15 AM
→As I Grow
· As I said I have posted this song in…
Lyrics Review05-28-2009 · 01:51 AM
→As I Grow
· We(my band) try and create something…
Lyrics Review05-27-2009 · 02:10 PM
→Unnamed 3
· ur music sounds very 80-ish it's awesome…
Audio Review03-17-2009 · 05:18 PM
→unnamed 1
· sounds good keep it up
Audio Review03-17-2009 · 05:16 PM
→Iron man cover READ
· everyone's gotta start somewhere right?…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 07:20 PM
→God hates money preachers
· i completly agree with your views on that…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 07:13 PM
→No Subject…
· pretty good and i'm a big slipknot fan…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 07:11 PM
→Fantasy Land /Collab
· sounds like an old pink floyd song mixed…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 07:09 PM
→Just a Bass Idea...
· sounds pretty intense man. like a sweet…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 07:03 PM
→Revolution, Beatles Cover
· Im not much of a beatles fan but nice…
Audio Review03-16-2009 · 06:58 PM
→Broke Through Me
· wow i know u write the same way i do so…
Lyrics Review06-01-2008 · 11:58 PM
· The song itself is something like a dream…
Lyrics Review05-17-2008 · 12:07 AM
· I'm usually a metal guy when I write…
Lyrics Review05-15-2008 · 06:43 PM
· thanks
Lyrics Review05-11-2008 · 12:17 AM
→This one is for the Metallica fans!
· I never thought I would actually have a…
Lyrics Review02-22-2008 · 11:42 AM
→This one is for the Metallica fans!
· Thanks for the english lesson :shake: I…
Lyrics Review02-20-2008 · 10:04 PM
→This one is for the Metallica fans!
· If you like megadeth so much why do you…
Lyrics Review02-19-2008 · 07:07 PM
· hey its amazing. I can really see this as…
Lyrics Review10-27-2007 · 09:54 PM
→Unmeasured Suffering
· appreciate all the comments and just so u…
Lyrics Review10-07-2007 · 12:01 AM
· Thanks for the comments i value them a lot.
Lyrics Review07-20-2007 · 02:57 PM
→Perfect Sorrow
· Thank you Marino and livingdeadsoul for…
Lyrics Review07-05-2007 · 06:22 PM
· The only reason i don't like organized…
Lyrics Review06-21-2007 · 08:46 PM
· Well kings in all honest truth it is…
Lyrics Review06-20-2007 · 03:40 PM
· Get back to me. I appreciate the comments
Lyrics Review06-19-2007 · 07:22 PM
· Hit me up and let me know what you…
Lyrics Review06-09-2007 · 06:23 PM
→Thousand Pieces
· Thats what i have been talkin about. Text…
Lyrics Review06-09-2007 · 06:07 PM
→The Safety Word is Pineapple
· When it says save mex4 its spose to say…
Lyrics Review06-04-2007 · 09:37 AM
→The Safety Word is Pineapple
· Let me know what u think of this please
Lyrics Review06-02-2007 · 09:06 PM
→our song
· So thats it...........My last…
Lyrics Review02-03-2007 · 11:15 AM
· Thanks nobster I appreciate the comments.
Lyrics Review10-06-2006 · 12:38 PM
· this isnt reaper but im one of his…
Lyrics Review10-03-2006 · 02:34 PM
· Nice. Thats a good song
Lyrics Review10-03-2006 · 02:32 PM
· im glad that you like it :roll:
Lyrics Review10-03-2006 · 02:29 PM
· I'm working on it. Starting a band is…
Lyrics Review10-03-2006 · 02:17 PM

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